• Project consulting
  • Digital collection and evaluation of road data
  • Digital AI-supported analysis of road infrastructure data
  • Data collection, engineering and continuous updating of digital road databases
  • Mobile Mapping
  • Mobile GIS data collection
  • GNSS Applications

GEO Net solution offers its customers innovative solutions in the field of (geo) data collection and management and thus actively shapes and pioneers the digitization of infrastructure and mobility in Germany (and worldwide).


  • Mobile GIS data collection
  • As-built documentation of track network data
  • Vehicle-based data acquisition of tracks and stations
  • Surveying
  • Creation of alignment designs and route plans
  • Creation of digital terrain models
  • Generation of 3D point clouds
  • Creation of BIM models and BIM designs
  • Vehicle-based large-scale infrastructure data acquisition, processing and evaluation
  • Acquisition, creation and continuation of digital rail databases
  • Project management and consulting around rail infrastructure projects

The engineering and surveying company Ralf Frenzel (IVF) stands for reliability as a partner for infrastructure projects in the railroad sector.


  • BIM modeling
  • Green space cadaster
  • Solar development analyses
  • WebGIS solutions / geoportals for visualization and analysis of geodata
  • City models (3D, BIM, different levels of detail)
  • Orthophotos and aerial maps

GTA GeoService provides services in 3D and BIM modeling and has great know-how in the evaluation and processing of data in the field of photogrammetry.

Software & Data Management

  • Data management and hosting

  • Development of data applications such as:

    • GNsPortal (integrated communiction plattform for road infrastructure data)
    • GNsBaumkontrolle (mobile data collection and control tool for roadside trees)
    • GNsTerraPicture (visualization and analysis tool for road infrastructure data)
    • GNsDigitizer (enhanced analysis software with 2D and 3D visualization)
    • GControl (configuring and controlling GPS receivers on mobile devices to enhance precision)
    • GNsMobileLogger (mobile georeferenced data collection for land, energy, water and forrestry)
    • Komp.NET (Cadastre for management of replacement areas in connection with construction plans)
    • FePu-Erfassung (Data collection program for fixed-point-databases)
    • GNsPforte (web-based plattform for infrastructure data visualization)
  • In total > 500 registered users


  • GIS-Data collection

  • Securing evidence before and after construction by means of mobile mapping systems

  • Surveying Services for new construction of power lines

  • Surveying Services for forest clearance and sowing areas

  • Concurrent survey services and control surveying during construction


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