Reference projects rail

Reference projects rail

Selection of current and past projects of the Deutsche InfraSoft Group companies in the business area Rail.

BIM survey Köthen and Schönebeck-Halle


  • Line 6403 km 14.2 – 82.1
  • From Schönebeck to Halle
  • Project Team from: Magdeburg, Leipzig, Neubrandenburg
  • Duration: From 2022 to 2025
  • Number of employees involved: 15

East corridor north, Schönebeck – Halle 3.PA
Köthen EZ with renewal 5 EÜ

  • 2 major projects in the field of BIM as-built modeling of Schönebeck – Halle and at the Köthen junction
  • Comprehensive 3D modeling not only of structures, platforms, passenger underpasses, but also of the entire line strip
  • Innovative use of various terrestrial and kinematic sensors for area-wide data acquisition

Replacement of the Warschauer Straße Line 6403 Magdeburg main station – Leipzig Messe Süd km 2.520 and Magdeburg-Buckau traffic station


  • Line 6403 / 6404 / 6406
  • Magdeburg – Buckau station
  • Project Team from: Magdeburg, Leipzig
  • Duration: From 2020 until now
  • Number of employees involved: 9

Extension of the planning basis for the projects “Replacement of the MD-Buckau crossing” and “Replacement of the EÜ Warschauer Str./VST MD-Buckau”.

  • BIM as-built model of the entire station, as well as the EÜ Warschauer Straße
  • Creation of alignment studies perspective track plan Bft Magdeburg-Buckau Pbf
  • Design survey, shaft cadastre

Track renewal for various sections of the road 6110 Potsdam Griebnitzsee – Eilsleben (b. Magdeburg)


  • Route 6110 km 145 – 170
  • Project Team from: Magdeburg, Leipzig
  • Duration: From 2020 to 2021
  • Number of employees involved: 9

Between Magdeburg-Sudenburg station and Eilsleben station, various surveying and planning services are required for the renewal of tracks on several sections of line

  • Establishment and determination of the fixed point field of Deutsche Bahn
  • Track and switch surveying, profile measurement
  • Track geometry processing, preparation of alignment designs, route plans, switch height plans, switch sketches and cross profiles

Line 6118 EÜ Wipper km 162,151 and crossing structure Sandersleben km 162,271


  • Line 6118 km 162.151 – 162.271
  • EÜ Wipper and KrBw Sandersleben
  • Project Team from: Magdeburg
  • Duration: 2020

Draft survey at the EÜ Wipper as well as at the crossing structure Sandersleben

  • Preparation of as-built plans
  • structural elevations, longitudinal and cross sections

Line 6344 replacement of retaining wall km 41.339 in Belleben and km 46.155 in Sandersleben


  • Line 6344 km 41.339 in Belleben and km 46.155 in Sandersleben
  • Project Team from: Magdeburg
  • Duration: 2022
  • Number of employees involved: 6

Surveying during construction for the new construction of retaining walls on railroad line 6344 in Belleben and Sandersleben

  • Construction survey
  • Track surveying
  • Settlement and deformation measurement
  • As-built surveying and updating of as-built documentation in DB AVANI

Control survey on the extension of the Magdeburg railroad junction


  • Magdeburg node
  • Magdeburg main station
  • Project Team from: Magdeburg
  • Duration: 2016 – 2020
  • Number of employees involved: 8

Expansion of Magdeburg rail junction BA 61, Ernst-Reuter-Allee crossing / track plan, control survey for local construction supervision

  • Target-performance comparison of all new track systems
  • Clearance check of signals
  • Platform control measurements

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